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I am a huge fan of family, my own in particular are pretty stellar and I will reference them frequently (future stories will reveal the full extent of their complete awesomeness in due time.)  Recently I ventured to the Mormon town and ski hub of Salt Lake City, Utah for my 'might as well be my little brother' Logan's high school graduation (look out ladies and future cougars, he is QUITE the looker and such a gentleman.)  On my trip amongst the men with multiple wives and gals my age with 10 kids I was introduced to one of the coolest cookie spots with the best story behind it.
RUBY SNAP a cookie bakery tucked into the downtown of Salt Lake City where each cookie is created and named after saucy 1940's pin up girls. Yes...PIN UP girls! So rad, right? Each cookie was specially sexy and unique from a deep and dark brooding 'Maris' with chocolate, chocolate dipped dough with gooey caramel filling to a little tart cherry with chocolate and sprinkle bling named 'Suzie' (the shops shout out to cancer awareness) 'Nina' is full of coffee and toffee, 'Judy' melts in your mouth with orange zest and cream cheese frosting, and 'Margo' wins as house fav, chocolate cinnamon dough with molten milk chocolate MINT center. BUT let me just tell you...that little 'Penelope' won my heart...she was pleasantly plump with soft peanut butter batter, dipped in milk chocolate, Peanut Butter Paradise!!!! Sign me up....cause she can be my cookie ANYDAY!!! There is a cookie feature each month and we took 12 ladies home...and all had nothing less than a deliciously good time!

The lovely girls who bake and work the counter refer to the confectionary creations as 'the ladies' calling them all out to you by name and speaking of them as if they are friends who spend their every pleasing and teasing every moment together at the SNAP..the RUBY SNAP that is. I love people who enjoy their job and these ladies cookie and human alike made the experience perfect.

The lovely ladies of RUBY SNAP

The best part of this little sweet shop of temptation is the story that brought it out of the shadows and  put it on the map...the great battle between 'the dough girl' and the Pillsbury company...check out the full story here: 

Logan, Myself and Penelope

All in all the decor is sleek and simple, of a 50's bakery and soda shop, the bakers are beyond friendly and personable and all those delicious snazzy ladies have no shame to  beckon you with every sweet little temptation. I totally gave in...I highly suggest you do too!


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